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Welcome to Grind-o-Land

Image of Welcome to Grind-o-Land

7.00 - On Sale

No more gore, and nothing more than abrasive dissonance for this one! Death metal heavyness and grindcore impulsiveness tied together for a crazy ride on the Grind-o-land rollercoaster.


17 tracks for 48min - Produced by GRIND-O-RECORDS
Recorded mixed & mastered by GRIND-O-MATIC
Cover by AAAAA Atelier Artwork by Grind-o-manu
Guitar solo on Freakshow by Dom


1. Welcome
2. The Hurricane s Terrific Gravity Force
3. Caught in a Perfidious Net
4. Girl Trouble in the Double Whirl
5. The Incredible Yell from the Carousel
6. The Umbrella Jump
7. The Unfortunate Somersault Fault
8. The Groundbreaking Looping
9. Tragic Artistic Acrobatics
10. Nigger Segregation vs Honky Arrogance
11. 85-Feet Drop
12. Bizarre Ice Cream Break
13. Demented Breakneck Ride
14. The Pachydermic Chair
15. High Commotion Mountain Dive
16. Fright at Freight Sight
17. Freakshow