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Flower Power

Image of Flower Power

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Flower Power is a collection of various adventures which expresses the power of nature.
In our era led by industry and economy, we are led to forget our roots. Deceived by his excessive arrogance, man thinks he has total control over the nature nowadays.
Listen to this album, and figure out how mankind could easily be eradicated by its own mother.


20 tracks for 45min - produced by GRIND-O-RECORDS
recorded mixed & mastered by GRIND-O-MATIC
Cover and artwork by AAAAA Atelier


1. The Ayahuasca Path
2. Elderberry Fields Forever
3. Wartime Tart
4. Betel Nut Beauties
5. Xenophon's Rhododendrons
6. The Seagulls Are Coming
7. Tobacco Staccato
8. Strychnine Cream
9. Naughty Nepenthes
10. Harsh Rash
11. Psychedelic Beans
12. Rural Warfare
13. Hannibal Feast
14. Arabian Gunje Of Enchantment
15. Beta-Caroten Botulism
16. Municipal Haste
17. Fussy Cat
18. Markov's Umbrella
19. Socrate's Fizz
20. Peyote Coyote
21. Morpheus Childtrap (digital bonus track)
22. Poseidon's Wrath (digital bonus track / remix)