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9 Ways to use a Meatgrinder

Image of 9 Ways to use a Meatgrinder

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Our first EP ! Back in 2006, when we had a crush on gory death/grind. 9 songs in 20 minutes, featuring some crazy blasting from our mascot Bob - this fat guy is a fucking drum machine !

This was self-released, as all of our works. And then dristributed by Meat5000 records.


9 tracks for 20min - Produced by GRIND-O-RECORDS
Recorded mixed & mastered by grind-o-manu
Cover by AAAAA Atelier Artwork by grind-o-manu
Speakrin voicing on Fishing the Dead by Lou Sue
Moaning on Dead from Deadly Death by Dee Dee Birdy


1. The Law of the Saw
2. Butchered Before Birth
3. Dead from Deadly Death
4. Riot with the Dead
5. Grill Your Mother Bake Your Dog
6. Surgical Mayhem
7. Zombie Manicure
8. Fishing The Dead
9. Outro